KPIs for Manifacturers, Project Management & PRINCE2

Manifacturers and KPI matters?

I know some perfect KPIs in this case: state of products and sub-products, i.e., completion percentage, time and cost to completion, costs sustained, benefits, and so on. Manifacturers like clear facts. If a product (mind, product, not process) is late, they will take all the necessary actions.

This is the reason why I always say lack of knowledge is the reason why project management in general and PRINCE2 in particular aren’t much used: if manifacturers knew what project management could do for them, they would be in a rush to adopt a serious methodology.

Btw, that is the reason why I use PRINCE2 for my projects: its product-based foundation leaves little or nothing to dreams, for one should always know the state of products. What could a manufacturer ask for, if not that?

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