You need good Project Management, honest People and good Training, not Processes

Even when adopting Project Management, in the end all is done by people.
Technology changes and has to be adapted to the situation.
Processes may change and SHOULD change. Moreover, I like to see processes as necessary bureaucracy, to be reduced to the minimum; they are a “necessary illness”.
A firm needs products, not processes. Products are delivered by people making use of the right technology.

As for the company size and the number of people, take the military example: provided one does not overdo with bureaucracy and processes, a military unit works well whatever its dimension, be it a platoon or a corps.
A military unit must keep bureaucracy and processes to a minimum, needs to be technologically up-to-date, can’t work at all without the properly trained people.

Therefore, I would add a fourth element: training.
You need a serious and good Project Management methodology, honest people and … good training.

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