The cat is out – On Attitudes towards Project Management Methodologies

The cat is out‘, it was once said.

Why is it that just publishing a poll attracts so many (even “personal”) attacks?

Instead of answering the poll, many people attacked the concept: it appears that just asking “What is the success rate of projects managed [or not] with a Project Management methodology, according to your (direct or indirect) experience? –

is something which has not to be done.

A person who is not interested should refrain from commenting shouldn’t it?

Instead, some people put comments from which it could be deducted they did not like the question in itself … not at all.

Therefore, the decision to close such question and re-open it (on the same social/business network).

Try to imagine what happened? The question was reported by some people – we suspect some “people” who seem to “report” other questions on that network.

The question was even reported as a “double”, which was impossible as just a question was asked – then closed, as already said, and re-opened due to certain “activities”.


It is evident many people do not want to hear of polls on certain project management matters … others appears not to like people different from the usual “project management gurus” analyzing certain “matters” … guess why?

I will write again on this matter, before and after the poll’s results have been analyzed.

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