Project Management on Saturday – Special Cultural Event

This Saturday I have decided to write. Why?

Yesterday evening a very nice event took place: a cultural event!

A local group dedicated to fostering local culture organized the event: I was the project manager of such event.

Let me tell you it was a real satisfaction – Bier, Kartoffelsalat, Würstel and the like notwithstanding 😉

It is a rare occasion that in which you can measure success on the basis of people’s mirth, laughing, joking and the like. In the end, that is what really counts, isn’t it?

Btw, that goes a great length in explaining what one can achieve by using project management the right way.

And yes, I applied PRINCE2 … I applied it the right way: products instead of processes (which, btw, would have caused the project to fail, for that was a popular event wasn’t it?), no bureaucracy, in a few words adapted to the situation.

A project management methodology is always the best solution but … never forget the project manager ought to adapt it to the situation.

Sure, I had many things to think about, many things to to but … the people could prepare everything without having to bother with “technicalities”: they worked merrily and with a high morale.

In the end, all that is what really counts: more than 100% success, people happy, workers happy, project manager happy and satisfied – laughing with all the others and with a bier in his hand 🙂

That is real project management, folks! 😀

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