Project Management of events

On Saturday, I attended an international event in Treviso (Italy): international popular traditions.

There were groups from Italy, France, Buryatia, Serbia and Senegal.

I don’t know how the festival was organized; what I know is that it was organized very well.

It was clearly divided into different stages: parade, presentation, representations, grand finale. Modifications were clearly applied: that was easy because of the stage (modular) organization. I heard an organizer say they needed to change the order in which the groups would perform because a performer had left an instrument on the coach; that was change management 🙂

All this worked magnificently: the last ending word by presenters was said at midnight o’clock, when the civic bell began tolling.

I must add it was a good examples of multicultural teams management, too.

I don’t know whether organizer applied some specific project management methodology; in the event, I would say PRINCE2 because of the stages organization.

At any rate, that was an example for everyone: good organization married with some very simple project management principles gives excellent results – in every field and with any type of project.

I will write again on this, for the organization of such event clearly entailed other complex aspects (teams came from as far as Central Siberia).

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