Why is it so Difficult to Introduce Change in a Business Environment?

They speak of change but they never say in a clear way what they want, usually because … they do not know what they want.

A change needs clear goals and clear ways to get those goals: that is seldom done. Team members think “Ok, you [the boss] want us to change but we don’t know whether you know what you want and got the impression you never paid real thought on how to do it – that is your role, not ours!

Add this: quite often the bosses want a change but … when real change is taking place they do not like it – “Oh, yes, I told you I wanted to change everything but … this is how we want it done, in this firm we have some procedures, you are going too fast [for me, not for the people], ...”

That is usual: they want change for the sake of it (or maybe they realized something was wrong) but never paid real thought to what change implied, its goals and consequences and, above all, whether they (the bosses, not the team-members) would accept it.

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