Sound Project Management is very Demanding

Being a good project manager (or programme manager) entails a lot of knowledge, plenty of physical and psychological effort, precision, and so on.

In truth, a well managed project/programme entails training the project people at all levels: first come the executives, then the managers (and project managers in the case of programmes), then team leaders, then the team members, then … a lot of persons, because even a simple project has a scope which includes many external actors – in a simple word, stakeholders.

Ok, external actors may not be formally trained, but you need to “train” them all the same: how could you possibly pretend to go straight without taking them into account?

Never ever start thinking a project can be successful without the right training; it can be informal training on the job, but you need to take it into consideration.

If you don’t take it into account, you will be soon complaining of all the time you need “to waste” to explain matters to everyone.

That is not a “waste”, that is a fundamental part of a projects’ success.

If you take it into consideration, you will get astounding results.

If you don’t … you will probably “waste” the project/programme.

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