Case Study: you want to Change, but Users in the Firm/Department resist

What is going to change?

In our case, a new project management solution is required: let’s assume you want to introduce Change Control in your projects.

Let’s deal with the worst case: final users in the firm or departments resist change and … unfortunately some middle-managers/team leaders would like the new system to fail; final users are trying to stop the new system by multiplying requests for new functionalities which they say are absolutely necessary.

What should been done before initiating such a project?

The project manager should hold a meeting with team members, the executive and department heads.

To begin with, the executive should officially present the project manager and state that the project manager is now in charge of Change and that he /she [the executive] expects everyone to take note of this.

Then, the project manager should try to convince final users that the changes are for the best, to arouse their enthusiasm for Change Control (as part of project management) and to encourage them to do their best.

And … if you have not done what described before (or it was unsuccessful) and you are now experiencing problems? What can be done now, before it is too late?

The same as above, but the executive should officially state that he/she expects everyone to do his/her best to contribute to success by cooperating with the project manager in implementing new Change Control principles.

The project manager should stress how beneficial the new way of working is and how important Change Control is for its success.

Then, the executive should make clear that he/she is not going to accept unnecessary delay and that he/she trusts the project manager and everyone else; he/she is not going to accept uncooperative behaviours.

After that, if the situation does not change, take action: have a “chat” with the highest-ranking uncooperative person.

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