Tip – How do you Choose between two or more Projects?

This entails many considerations, but we will try to be brief and to concentrate on fundamental concepts: just 7 minutes.

  • It doesn’t depend on the projects, or not only: it depends on your programme or programs, your business, your strategy, and so on

  • Surely there are many factors inherent to the projects themselves, but projects are created to meet some needs. You should choose the project better meeting your needs, goals and expectations; whose needs, goals and expectations ought to have been defined independently of the proposed projects

  • On the other hand, if you asked for some proposals … you should have some clear expectations regarding both the project in itself and the broader frame, i.e., programme, business and so on

  • Every project choice should bring along its own criteria which you should have defined immediately after having decided you needed such a project; in a few words, those criteria may vary according to the situation.

Your choice doesn’t depend on projects only: good Project Management and Programme Management entail a broad strategic view.

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