5 minutes on Project Plan

Tip – 5 minutes on Project Plan

The Project Plan is often mistaken for the project itself; in truth, it is a fundamental part of project management, but it is not the project.

Before the Project Plan, many things need to be done: in fact, how may you plan without the “preparatory” part?

You should first decide what you want to do, where you want to start from, where you want to arrive.

Amongst other, you need to evaluate at least:

  • The Business Case
  • The project’s feasibility
  • The Project Approach
  • Organization
  • Responsibilities
  • And so on …

With the aforementioned parts you can begin planning in an informed way: planning is built, not created.


  • So many factors are involved, so many human factors are part of the equation; nonetheless, without a methodology and hard study nothing is going to be accomplished
  • Planning is necessary, but not sufficient to reach victory: other elements are necessary, decisions need to be taken, situations change, and so on
  • Planning is a discipline: hard work is necessary

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