How to find out in 11 minutes whether your project people know their business

Ask the project manager what the state of products is. Mind, the state of products, not activities.



  • If he looks lost or begins speaking of activities, press him; if, then, he begins finding excuses ask him why you were never informed of problems. Then it is up to you.



  • If he has a good idea of the products’ state, ask him about specific problems.


  • If he only says that there are no problems at all, ask him what could be done (on your part, too) to improve the situation. If he answers he has nothing to suggest, be diffident and speak to project team members; begin thinking of an independent project manager for a check.

If he says there are some minor problems, ask for details: if they are not minor problems … you have got a problem.


  • If he tells you the truth about problems and he gives useful suggestions on what may be improved, the 11-minutes exam is over 🙂

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