Tip – 12 minutes on Team Management

Team Management needs much more (and different) than what is commonly taken into consideration.

Just some points:

  • A team exists to do some work, and not the vice versa: forget this, and you are done

  • A team is leaded by a leader, and not the vice versa: never forget that even the team expects so

  • Do necessities ask for modifications? Change the team structure/way of working/mentality or you are done

  • Forget current fads about team-building: you will never be able to build the perfect team and … a real team wins because of reasons that have nothing to do with current fads

  • Which are the results of current fads? What does history teach us?

  • If the team is not getting results, somewhere in the management ladder there is something wrong

  • Team-working is wonderful, but … what is team-working? Real team-working is necessary, “modern” team-working can lead to disaster

  • A team is composed by people: someone works for money, someone for glory, someone for both; someone is dedicated, someone is easy-going; someone is good, someone is a liability. You need a real leader to make it work: be sure to get one, not a fad-follower

  • A team does not need to be composed by geniuses: in fact, a team with too many brilliant people often gets crap results; an army needs soldiers, not officers only

  • A good team goes through bad times without flinching; disband bad teams and reconstitute them.

  • Hard work and a lot of self-discipline are needed

  • You must give the example.

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