Knowledge & Project Management

Project Management knowledge has a value: for firms, that means benefit, i.e., gold.

On the web, one can find lots of knowledge but … most of it is either of no use or not benefit-convertible. Not to speak of disinformation or wrong information.

The web has become a battlefield (you may find examples), therefore the situation has gotten confused, information not so dependable and so on.

In a few words, web-based information is very often unsound or worse; even first-hand information on project management is often not dependable

On the other hand, if you can get real knowledge, benefits are real and gold is always pouring.

New Project Member: What Information should be Given First?

What is seldom explained: accurate and reliable information on day-to-day living in the Project environment.

Don’t flood him/her with plenty of official information of no practical use; after all, the poor guy is interested on how to step in in the softest way.
That is usually overlooked and blocks the poor guy’s efficiency for some weeks.

Even when dealing with Project Management and a Project environment, never forget haste is  a bad habit: give Project people the time to get accustomed and, foremost of all, give them the right information.