Project Management and History – Napoleon seen by de Gaulle

Project Management and History – Napoleon seen by de Gaulle Napoleon took genuine care of his people Napoleon was a Project Manager He was a leader – Managing qualities alone are not enough Training Tools instead of training? Both Napoleon and Charles de Gaulle are well known; no words about them are needed. Less known … More Project Management and History – Napoleon seen by de Gaulle

Project Management of events

On Saturday, I attended an international event in Treviso (Italy): international popular traditions. There were groups from Italy, France, Buryatia, Serbia and Senegal. I don’t know how the festival was organized; what I know is that it was organized very well. It was clearly divided into different stages: parade, presentation, representations, grand finale. Modifications were … More Project Management of events

Project Management in an IT Environment – How to convince Executives of its Necessities

Tell them projects need a tailored organization, therefore they should take people from different departments (what are departments there for, otherwise?). That means the project/program manager needs the executive’ authority. Project management is a discipline, therefore it makes no sense to split it between IT and other sectors.

Assessment Tools

In my opinion, assessment tools have a very bad impact. If you are to decide and let a tool decide on your behalf instead, your people will get a bad impression, especially if the tool comes from other firms. On the other hand, if you really need a tool to identify possible leaders in your … More Assessment Tools