Project Management Techniques as a Solution for Project Problems?

This is something you can hear quite often about Project Management Techniques: they can solve problems, especially “not measurable” aspects of a project. I see a basic problem here: how can you manage something you don’t know? It is not a technique problem, for techniques can’t be a solution for basic problems. Things are measurable … More Project Management Techniques as a Solution for Project Problems?

Multicultural Teams experiencing Relationship Problems

What should you do? 1) I remind everyone of the common goal; they must reach a goal, therefore they should try to understand each other. One can do whatever he/she wants, he/she will never obtain much unless they understand they need the will to work together without paying attention to cultural details. 2) In general … More Multicultural Teams experiencing Relationship Problems

Assessment Tools

In my opinion, assessment tools have a very bad impact. If you are to decide and let a tool decide on your behalf instead, your people will get a bad impression, especially if the tool comes from other firms. On the other hand, if you really need a tool to identify possible leaders in your … More Assessment Tools