Tip – How do you Choose between two or more Projects?

This entails many considerations, but we will try to be brief and to concentrate on fundamental concepts: just 7 minutes.

  • It doesn’t depend on the projects, or not only: it depends on your programme or programs, your business, your strategy, and so on

  • Surely there are many factors inherent to the projects themselves, but projects are created to meet some needs. You should choose the project better meeting your needs, goals and expectations; whose needs, goals and expectations ought to have been defined independently of the proposed projects

  • On the other hand, if you asked for some proposals … you should have some clear expectations regarding both the project in itself and the broader frame, i.e., programme, business and so on

  • Every project choice should bring along its own criteria which you should have defined immediately after having decided you needed such a project; in a few words, those criteria may vary according to the situation.

Your choice doesn’t depend on projects only: good Project Management and Programme Management entail a broad strategic view.

Strategic Plan and Firms

To begin with, a strategic plan exists in the leader’s mind.

A strategic plan should be very simple, therefore you need no tools, nor you need to communicate it to everyone in the firm, for your strategy is the core of your business; why give away your more treasured secret? Keep it for decision-makers.

Employees need to know other things, i.e., what the firm wants to do and obtain: that can be called strategy, but it is not your strategic plan.

The best practice is to operate as I have said; it will not “sit on the shelf” because it will be an important “document”, implemented directly by decision-makers.

As for small businesses, why complicating their life with tons of documents? Decision-makers should know what they want and … put it into practice.