Tip – How do you Choose between two or more Projects?

This entails many considerations, but we will try to be brief and to concentrate on fundamental concepts: just 7 minutes. It doesn’t depend on the projects, or not only: it depends on your programme or programs, your business, your strategy, and so on Surely there are many factors inherent to the projects themselves, but projects … More Tip – How do you Choose between two or more Projects?

Where is the beef?

Misfits of project management Issue nr. 4           Contents   Introduction                                                                                                          I   Where is the beef?                                                                                              II ¨    Meow ¨    Collateral damage ¨    Aliens have landed ¨    MIA – Project Management   Tip – 13 minutes on Project Approach                                                                V   Flash – Project Management and History (3) – … More Where is the beef?